About us

Ränch is a digital marketing agency owned and run by entrepreneurs with a burning desire to help fellow entrepreneurs grow through marketing.

What we do?

We help entrepreneurs and organisations make the world a better place through clear and systematic marketing.

We build a plan, choose the right technologies and activities, and implement them.

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Our vision is to create a positive impact revolution where entrepreneurs initiate positive change for themselves, their customers, and their communities.

A better world is a place where we grow together respecting and helping each other. Our core values of positive impact are equality, care, growth, freedom, and love.


Our mission is to be the leading digital marketing partner for positive impact entrepreneurs and organizations.



Ränch is a marketing agency in the second generation.

Founded in 1993, Markkinointisuunnittelu Kylliäinen Oy initially served Finnish brick and mortals with store planning, customer programs, and print and TV advertising.

In 2018 Joonas Kylliäinen, his wife Julia Kylliäinen, and Joonas' half-brother Johannes Terhemaa brought a new branch of business to the company with marketing videos and websites tailored for entrepreneurs. Joonas and Johannes grew up on a farm that is called the Ränch. Hence the name Ränch was picked up for the new business model.


In 2020, the video and website business expanded into comprehensive marketing development work serving entrepreneurs, and the team expanded with experienced experts in business development and strategy, Ronny Eriksson and Tomi Haapala.

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Percent Club

At the heart of our existence is a desire to improve the conditions of those who do not have the same opportunities to learn and succeed as us Ränch employees.


We share some of our results with those who can directly help the world become a friendlier, more equal and a more environmentally friendly place.


From our profit we donate:


1% to support girls in developing countries through Plan


1% to fight climate change through WWF

We make our transparent public donations every Christmas. We made our first donation at Christmas 2019, when we donated € 280 to Plan and € 280 to WWF.

We challenge entrepreneurs to join the Percent Club and donate a percent of their earnings to something they find important.

Feel free to copy the Percent Club text on this page to your own site and social media channels.

You can download the Percent Club logo here.

If you want to discuss ideas or cooperation opportunities for helping a charity, please contact Joonas by calling +358404564880 or via email at joonas@ranchmarkkinointi.fi