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Innovation voucher

Benefit from a €4,000 support to develop a new product or service

Would your product or service benefit from a digital boost? Or do you have an idea that you need help implementing?

At Ränch, we help entrepreneurs and businesses develop new growth opportunities with Business Finland's Innovation voucher. We're with you from submitting your application all the way to final reporting.

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What is the Innovation voucher?

The Innovation voucher is Business Finland’s €4,000 (VAT 0%) support for small and medium enterprises to quickly develop and test products and services with international growth potential.

The self-financing threshold for the Innovation voucher is €1,000 (0% VAT). The voucher's total value is €5,000 (VAT 0%), which must be used in external talent.


For who?

Who is the Innovation voucher for?

The Innovation voucher is suitable for newer and older businesses with a new product or service idea that requires external talent.

What's essential for the idea is that it has international potential.

The voucher can be used, for example, to design, develop and test digital services required for the idea.


When can you get the Innovation voucher?

The Innovation voucher is suitable for your business when you want to quickly develop your idea into a tangible product or service.


By using services purchased with the Innovation voucher, you can quickly obtain external experts or teams of experts to develop your business.

Web Design

How can Ränch help with the Innovation voucher?

Ränch is an experienced partner who can help your business benefit from the opportunity of the Innovation voucher and develop your idea into a new, evolving business ✌️

From perfecting the idea to submitting the application and the final report, we are with you.

We are at our best with the Innovation voucher project if your idea can benefit from designing and developing a website, online stores, and online courses.

We also assist in building a brand strategy and marketing plan. In addition, we implement new product and service packages through content, such as videos and coaching 🎨

What’s next?

Everything starts from a free Innovation voucher consultation 👇

The first step is to take a look at your idea together and evaluate whether the Innovation voucher is the right further processing tool and whether Ränch is the right partner for you.

If the stars align, you’ll get a creative, committed, and flexible partner who can help you through the Innovation voucher project and beyond 🚀

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