3. Growth marketing

Once your company’s marketing plan is built in the Discovery phase and the necessary creative content is in place, your company is ready to begin systematic results-based growth marketing.


Growth marketing begins with Growth Print, the size of which is determined by your company's industry and goals.


Based on the results obtained after the sprint and according to your company's willingness to grow, the most suitable Growth Program is selected.

Growth sprints

Growth sprint I

  • Suitable for everyone starting out in growth marketing

  • Creating a growth strategy

  • Opening ad channels and lightweight web analytics

  • Map out buyer personas and goals

  • Select the marketing technologies and channels

Growth Sprint II

  • Suitable for those who want to measure performance more accurately and need deeper analytics

  • Comprehensive growth strategy

  • Ad channel optimization and extensive web analytics

  • Comprehensive survey of buyer personalities and goals

  • Deep dive into selected technologies and channels

Growth programs

Growth I

  • 2 calls / month + review and optimisation of results

  • Development and advertising for 2 channels

  • Email marketing analytics

  • Web  analytics

Growth II

  • Weekly call, analysis and optimisation

  • Development and advertising for 3 channels

  • Sähköpostimarkkinointi- ja verkkoanalytiikka

  • Linkinhankinta, vierasbloggaus-ja PR-suunnitelmat

Growth III

  • Weekly call, analysis and optimisation

  • Development and advertising for 5 channels

  • Email marketing and web analytics

  • Backlink generation, guest blogging strategy & basic PR

  • Marketing automation

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