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1. Discovery

We start most projects in the Discovery phase.

In the Discovery phase, we get to know your business inside and out. Through our precise process, we identify all the factors that affect your marketing opportunities and challenges.


We define your marketing activities, processes, content, systems, goals, people in charge, budgets, and next steps.


After the Discovery phase, we begin systematic and measurable resonant marketing for your target audience.

Discovery phase breakdown


1. Brand

  • What? To whom? Why? How?

2. Market

  • Customers? Competitors? Size? Pricing?

3. Engagement

  • How customers find, use, and use your products and services.


  • Marketing plan review



  • 2-4 weeks


  • Brand analysis

  • Market description

  • Communication strategy

  • Visual direction


Next steps

  • Offer for the implementation of marketing